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Turon Transit Logistics Ltd - one of the world's leading suppliers of integrated solutions for the supply chain. We combine intercontinental air and sea transport with integrated logistics services with added value and supply service. The range of supply chain solutions can range from simple transport or storage to complex operations.

We optimize all activities around information, material and financial flows. We provide globally integrated integrated solutions adapted to the needs of supply chain management for our customers with a special commitment to the requirements of the industry.

LTD «Turon Transit Logistics»  is long term and reliable partner in air travel for many companies. Halogen cooperation with leading companies in the world of aviation. Due to this transportation of goods from Central Asia and around the world held in a short time and at affordable rates.

Favourable difference of our company is that we are in close cooperation with a partner company SRX Transcontinental Inc., USA which is airline.  We have access to most of the world's air carriers on the conditions of the special price agreement, as well as the possibility of multimodal transport through air waybill, which is extremely convenient for the customer, because in the path of the air waybill does not change.

Why us?
1.We will save your time on gathering information about all necessary for the transportation of cargo documents and cargo insurance.
2.We will provide you with information about the location of your goods online .
3.We provide a full range of services for the carriage of goods, including combined transport of different modes of transport
4.With regular traffic volume, the flexible system of discounts for regular customers
5.We can perform the transportation of cargo from the warehouse of shipper to the terminal of the destination airport and the system "door to door".

We also provide charter aircraft services for any directions you are interested in.
THE CARRIAGE OF GOODS BY AIR PREFERRED IF: • Significant distance of delivery
• Need to deliver the goods in the shortest possible time
• You cannot use another mode of transport
• High value cargo with small weight and dimensions

The cost of services is determined for each customer and depends on such factors:
1. The cost of transporting a kilogram of cargo.
2. Features of product packaging.
3. The hazard level of the product.
4. The necessity of storing the order in the warehouse.
5. The departure time of the cargo plane from Moscow.
6. Place of delivery of the order.

Our highly qualified specialists will consult you on any issues and calculate the cost of services. If you want to order Avia-delivery of cargoes from Central Asia or anywhere in the country and the world, call us!
We will help to solve any of your logistic problems!

LTD «Turon Transit Logistics» more than 8 years provides customers with a full range of services for multimodal transportation. In the framework of the services our company regularly performs mixed and combined delivery of cargoes through the territory of the Russian Federation and in the CIS and the European Union.

In order to multi-task delivery wes solved correctly with the economic and temporal point of view, the customer will need to understand 3 basic concepts below:

Multimodal transportation — transportation of the same batch of goods under contract with one carrier, several types of transportation and means of transport: sea, river, rail, road, air. The carrier is entitled to use transport other contractors, but the responsibility lies with the General contractor, who ordered the transportation.
The organization of multimodal transport it is important to start with the comprehensive plan of the route. Both sides need to think carefully about the schedule with loading and Parking places on the way.
Special attention, as well as in any other action, should be given to documents, commercial invoices, bills of lading, etc. Package of documents for customs clearance of goods is better to register before the shipment will be sent. The experience of the organizer of multimodal transportation in this area is the key to success.
The transport used in the joint scheme for multimodal transport:
Docking of various types of transport can be in any order among themselves and with any number of vehicles for each stage.

For transportation of cargoes using all kinds of transport:

- Trucking (commercial vehicles of all categories, tonnage, volume);
- Special equipment on car speed (tow trucks, cranes, sweepers, transporters);
- Rail way (platforms, wagons, gondola cars, mail-baggage cars, racketboy, car transporters);
- Sea-going vessels, ferries, bulk court, Park icebreaking, bulk carriers;

LTD «Turon Transit Logistics» provides international road transportationin the countries like European Union , China, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Russia and other CIS countries.

Transportation: Uzbekistan
TTL offers transport services in the Republic of Uzbekistan for all types of cargo using our own fleet of container carriers and tent trucks and trailers.
«Turon Transit Logistics» for many years provides transportation of goods in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad for companies such as "HUAWEI" "NESTLE" "COCA-COLA" showing itself as a responsible and reliable partner.
In our disposal we have 6 cars(refrigerators) UzOTOYOL
with a Capacity of - 7.350 kg Capacity – 20m3 ensure compliance with the temperature to (-18 C) degrees.
Can accept payment by transfers and by means of plastic cards.

You place complex orders with a reliable Transport company, with extensive capabilities, the company with a stable financial situation.
We thoroughly explain all the provisions of the contract. In the end you are sure that, by signing it, place an order and pay from a particular company, and so we are responsible to you.
In the contract and the Annex, we explicitly state the cost of work and deadlines.
Gained extensive experience in transportation of cargoes from Europe, Russia and Turkey.

Transportation of consolidated cargoes — is the delivery of cargoes of different customers in one direction on one vehicle. The dimensions of each individual "collection" of goods can be quite small (less than 0.1 m3) and almost the full length of the truck. The great thing is that any "collection" will always coexist with other associated goods.
Currently our Company works in two directions:
1. We transport consolidated cargoes in consolidated parties through consolidation warehouses( Transportation from European countries to Uzbekistan and Central Asia);
2. We transport consolidated cargoes by means of "partial load" in a passing car ( from Russia .Kazakhstan and Turkey);

The transport carrying General cargo;
For transportation of cargoes using all kinds of transport;
Automotive (trade cars 9 m3, 1 ton up to 120 m3, 20 tons);

Customer benefits for the carriage of cargoes to the company LTD “Turon Transit logistics”:
- Payment for the transportation at the end of delivery;
- Short delivery times (especially while the "partial load");
- Beneficial for the Customer price (lower than in a number of the top teams of the companies);
- Discount for large or regular shipment;
- Timely information about location of the Cargo;

Rail transport of goods across our country are considered a popular mode of delivery. Such shipments are characterized by high reliability and efficiency. The big advantage of this delivery is the ability to transport bulky cargo.

What is so beneficial to such a delivery? The main benefits to this service:
- The ability to deliver oversized cargo, which is quite difficult to find another mode of transport. The price of services is quite low, regardless of the amount of delivered goods.
- Client gets rid of tedious and lengthy bureaucratic red tape. For example, for delivery of large quantities of products you will have to rent several cars to spend their time and money to obtain a permit to transport on various roads, travel through the Central parts of large cities. All this can be avoided if you send the goods by rail, which will involve one or two railway carriages.
- Delivery of train way great opportunity to deliver orders in remote areas.

Transport company LTD “ Turon Transit Logistics”  carries out sending and reception of containers of different tonnage, by rail.

There is good experience of multimodal transport in the direction of South Korea - China - Kazakhstan – Tashkent.

The scheme of this route: Korean ports such as Busan/ Incheon container ship and sail on the ship to Chinese ports ( Qingdao/ Liangyungang). Then go by rail to China in transit through Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan.

We work and deliver goods such major companies as: ZIC, MICHELIN, SAMAUTO.
Having our own warehouses, the possibility of accumulation and storage of cargoes, providing payment codes for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan , timely notification and daily tracking of cargo is making railway transportation easier and more secure with our company.

Work with each client, individual approach, different methods of payment and system of discounts, greatly simplifies the shipment of cargo for our clients. Transport company LTD "Turon Transit Logistics" carries out cargo transportation by rail in Russia, Asia, Europe, the Baltic States and the CIS countries.

The range of services for Railway delivery includes:
Container shipping - Types of containers used is large (20 f, 24 tons, 40 feet.)
Send wagon - used cars: boxcars; gondolas; the railway platform.
The sale and purchase of containers
Cargo insurance –In addition we are able to insure all outgoing cargo.
One of the main conditions of the company is subject to the terms and conditions.
Your benefits when ordering of multimodal deliveries of LTD «Turon Transit Logistics »
- Familiar schemes on international routes with best price and optimum delivery terms;
- Post payment transportation after unloading;
- Detailed study of the whole chain of transportation, control at all stages;
- Timely information on the beginning and end of all phases of cargo handling;
- Knowledge and Troubleshooting "gotchas" with any transportation.

Storage and warehouse services in Uzbekistan allow the customer to significantly save money on the costs of rented or own premises.

In the development of individual schemes warehouse service takes into account the standards and requirements of the Customer for quality warehouse services and cargo handling.

Do not know which solution suits your needs?

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